Adding objects to collada loaded into three.js

I am new to three.js and having a play. I have successfully loaded in a mountain (collada file) made in SketchUp but want to be to add clickable elements to the terrain.

Could someone please assist.

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Mountain body { background: #000000; }

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Hi there,

Apologies - I created before I’d completed the submission.

Please find working example here ->

I am trying to add clickable elements to the terrain. I have so far create a click listener which tells me mouse coordinates but unsure how to add elements to the terrain and figuring our heights

Any help would be gratefully received as I’d love to get an understanding of all this

The terrain raycast example might be a good starting point.

Thanks looeee… I’ve had a look and a play. Just finding it difficult integrating it with the collada file? I’ll keep persevering