Add some fract effect

Hi , i want to add some fract effect to the scene like this website
i know it is a video but i want to achieve some thing like this , so is there some way to add some thing by use like blur effect easily like = `blur(${blur * 5}px)`;

or what do you think the best way ?

You can achieve a simple blur effect by using the post-processing classes and HorizontalBlurShader/VerticalBlurShader. Use the following live example as a code template:

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Oh , yes thank , sorry if i can’t explain but i mean is there a fract effect in post-processing classes like blur effect , then when i say fract effect i mean the effect in the website i added that link in the post

I’m not sure what you mean with “fract” effect.

Can’t you use one of the effects from three.js webgl - postprocessing ?

Oh , yes i think the black and white one is perfect , but is there some where i can know how i can make it by my self?

I search on it and i think it’s called grain effect !!

You mean a tutorial? You might want to give the following guide a try: How to use post-processing


I think that’s close hope that help some one , BTW it’s work for me

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@Mugen87 Is there away to render effect in specific model , like how i can remove the effect from yellow sphere?