Add another Minecraft game and stunning Active Theory showcase!

Add (advanced minecraft clone in web) - advanced voxel game (also current demo seems to be dead)

And active theory which looks cool:

Did you create or work on these projects, @zardoy ? Or just suggesting they get added to the showcase?
I’m not sure that activetheory is using threejs…

@manthrax is an OSS project that I own, but what about activetheory it is more complicated… I didn’t work on the activetheory project but my friend was convinced they were using Three.js modules. I’ve thoroughly reviewed the app code (which is heavily inspired by the Three.js API btw) and indeed they are not using threejs renderer (most probably because they ran into performance issues). Anyway, thanks for pointing out! I will remove activetheory from the description.

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Oh cool you made the! That’s pretty dope! Looks like a lot of good work went into that. :smiley:

And yeah, R.E. Activetheory. They are a very well known and prestigious group. They have used threejs in the past, and have also actively (no pun) developed their own suite of bespoke tools which have undoubtedly diverged from the pure threejs library we have today, although I think saying that it was because of performance reasons is a bit reductive, moreso as them needing certain customizations and modifications to support their own internal tooling and use cases, and also the desire to make their products feel more custom and bespoke… which they do… ( and is also part of why they are pretty much the top of the game in terms of commercial 3d web productions. )

If you break in their renderer, you can see a lot of the same class names and idioms that are also in threejs, but that doesn’t mean that it’s using threejs, just that the structures used in scene graphs are well established idioms. Matrix, Quaternion, Vector3, Scene, Object etc. were concepts conceived for the most part back in the 60s, 70s and 80s with E&S/ PHIGS and later in SGI, and Pixars RenderMan:


Wow! There is no way you know so much! Thank you so much for the clarification! To be honest we are also looking into building our own renderer specifically designed for rendering voxel graphics in extremely efficient way!

Nice! Sounds exciting! :slight_smile: I’ve written a few voxel renderers in my day… I learned a lot from the process.

edit: I saw this video the other day… some interesting info in here: