A sphereGeometry is not showing, need help please

I have this page: example 1 - http://songnes.com/g/g84.html
and this one: example 2 - https://www.songnes.com/gift/page20.html

both have the same code ( except minor details in html ) but the script in Three js is identical - copy/paste - is the same

Except that in example 1 - you can see the planet ( a sphere rotating with the oval )
and in example 2 - you can not see the planet ( you see the “space” of the planet only )

very strange, can someone help me please to make the planet show in example 2.

Your texture hasn’t downloaded due to CORS

Browser–>Developer Tools–>Console, is your friend


Hello… I will not get discourage. I feel sad, that you guys say that this question has been “resolved”
it is not!
I “know” the image is not loading…
I see that in the console…
but that is not telling me the solution, or hot to make it load, or how to “fix” the problem, so the question still is there… If you feel that you don’t “have” to help me, it’s okay… maybe I was wrong, I though the forum was to help someone like me “learn” how to do it.

I can give you more information on the problem, hoping someone really wants to help me. and help more people like me with the same problem…

The page works, if I load it “directly” typing the URL in the browser : http://songnes.com/gift/page20.html

but if I get to the page, from a “link” coming from another page : https://www.songnes.com/gift/page19.html - like from page19 going to page 20, then page 20 is not working … it keeps saying the same :

 Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at http://songnes.com/gift/land10.png. (Reason: CORS header ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ missing).

but, WHY when I type direct it works? and
How can I make it work, when I get to the page coming from a link?

I really hope someone feels the desire to help me…