4x4 Builder - Off Road Vehicle Configurator



4x4Builder is an interactive 3D application which allows users to construct their ideal 4x4 vehicle in the browser. Using Google’s Firebase real-time database for storing and saving app data along with React and Three.js on the front-end.


Looks great! :slight_smile: What are you plans for this?
Suggestion… Add “enviroment” pulldown that changes the envo. map on the model. Nice to let users visualize what the car looks like in different lighting.

Thanks - I had thought about that but I’m not sure most users will understand the difference between different envmaps on their own - I also considered including an actual 3d environment, for example inside warehouse, outside in the mountains, in a desert, etc in addition to the corresponding envmap, which I may do at some point in the future.

Also plan to add aftermarket part addons for all vehicles (currently only available on the 3rd gen (1996-2002) 4Runner. My modeling skills aren’t great and I’m pretty slow though so that might take some time. Really need to team up with a good modeler.