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Hi everyone

I was looking at my files that I’ve had stored over the years and I stumbled upon a weekend Project of mine, which I made a long time ago, so I thought I would share it with you now :slight_smile:

The technologies that were used are: jQuery, Three.js R51 and Blender (for 3d-Modeling the playfield)… No css at all xd I just wanted to get the game running!


This game is best played with 2 people on one mouse. The game is roundbased and most enjoyable when having a good wine or some cold breezers :wink: The Goal is to get 4 chips in one row. (Vertical, Horizontal and Diagonal). Basically very simple to learn but hard to master :wink:

Enjoy and have a nice day everyone!


I’m getting a bunch of console errors:

GET https://creative-house.noip.me/w2p/HTML5-JQUERY/js/lib/jquery/jquery-1.11.0.js net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID
three.min.js:376 THREE.WebGLRenderer 51
three.min.js:759 WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: getAttribLocation: program not linked
8 WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: getUniformLocation: program not linked
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I didn’t pull the jquery cdn directly. I changed it now to use the official jquery cdn.

Hope that helps.

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Yeah, now it’s working :slight_smile:


Hooray :smile:

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Sweet, I managed to beat myself


Ah I used to play this game with my brother when I was a kid, it’s so fun !
They did a “3D” (not virtual) version of it more recently, so you can try to make lines in the Z direction.

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