3mf format exporter

Good afternoon, dear. Since I work with 3d printing, I need to save files in 3mf format, but as I understand it in three.js does not have an exporter for this format.
Maybe someone made a custom solution, or are there any ways to get out of this situation? Please do not suggest using other formats, as it is critical to use the above-mentioned one. I would be very grateful for your help


Exporting to gltf and then converting to 3mf is a bad idea, at least because the services have a file size limit. Engineers can have very complex 200mb models.

Although… once you have it in GLTF, there is a whole arsenal of tools you can apply to optimize size of gltf like gltf-pipeline


3mf isn’t designed for optimal size. It’s just an xml format.

I could totally envision a system/pipeline where you use gltf exclusively internally, and all the way to the client, and then just convert them to 3mf on the client, and it would probably be ultra efficient.

3mf looks pretty simple: (edit: I did a little more research and it looks like the meshes are simple, but the whole slice/beam stuff is pretty complex)
3D Manufacturing Format - Wikipedia.

Heck you could probably write your own simple exporter meshes for it in a couple days.

edit: I just looked at some of the more complex aspects of 3mf, and it looks like to make a full featured exporter would probably be quite a bit of work…

But a simple exporter that just exported meshes might be really easy.

The fact is that the task is precisely to export in 3mf format.

Yes, I have decided that I will write it myself. Maybe I’ll even post it on the forum for evaluation

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That would be an awesome contribution! Appreciate it! :smiley: Let me/us know if we can help.

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