3D scene editor and display platform implemented using Three.js: Avatar, InstancedSkinnedMesh, AI, Real-time Video, High Performance

Hi, everyone! After a long period of effort, we can finally show the world Timmerse, a platform that can build and run 3D scenes without coding! During the development process, we overcame many technical challenges, and now looking back, we feel very accomplished!

We have adopted a large number of technical solutions to optimize user experience:

  • Ubiquitous instantiation technology, including InstancedMesh provided by Three.js and our own implementation of InstancedSkinnedMesh, enables our large scenes to run smoothly even with thousands of static entities and hundreds of moving Avatars.
  • We use the edge acceleration capability from https://edgeone.ai/, which automatically loads different textures according to the performance of different GPUs, enabling smooth operation on mobile devices.
  • We have also dealt with many peculiar performance issues, the most impressive of which is the stuttering problem encountered only by the 2019 MacBook Pro equipped with AMD graphics card, once thought to be a bug of Chrome: Chromium. When using the OpenGL backend, the stuttering is severe, with a frame rate of only 5fps; however, when using the Metal backend, the operation is very smooth. We have been tracking this issue to the shader compilation stage. We also studied dynamic LOD, animation execution within the visible range, and real-time audio and video loading optimization when Avatar is close.
  • We also optimized ws communication, which was inspired by the high performance of bun.
  • We solved the conflicting experiences of Avatar operating whiteboards, monitors, and grabbing seats.
  • In addition, we also solved the most common experience problem of switching browser tabs.

In terms of user experience, we have been delving deeply.

We hope this application can help users from various industries in 3D audio and video scenarios:

Social gathering scene: Reunite with old friends and make new ones in your customized scenes, and enjoy a brand new social experience. You can play videos, online YouTube videos, play mini games together, and we also provide eight ready-to-use templates to easily set up online rooms to share with friends.

3D model community distribution: We assist 3D model designers to publish and explain their design models online, allowing users to deeply experience the 3D models, thereby helping designers to better promote their works and personal talents.

Brand marketing: Enhance brand image through immersive experience; quickly create virtual exhibitions in a low-code environment to display brand products, services or values; users can visit the exhibition, interact with the products, and even participate in virtual events and demonstrations.

Metaverse online recruitment: We provide an efficient and personalized recruitment experience to save time and cost. We provide a platform for recruiters and applicants to interact; create virtual characters, both parties can communicate in real time, participate in virtual interviews and personality tests.

Organizational development training: We help you build team culture, enhance team cohesion and collaboration efficiency. Provide virtual training or team collaboration space for a more immersive learning experience.

Art exhibitions, pet exhibitions: Our virtual space is not limited by time and space, can attract more audiences and participants, and strengthen the connection between artists and audiences. We provide virtual galleries and exhibition spaces, audiences can visit the gallery at any time to appreciate art; we can also build pet communities to provide a platform for pet owners to interact.

Digital cultural tourism: Our virtual space breaks geographical restrictions and allows users to enjoy a variety of cultural experiences anytime, anywhere. We can simulate real cultural sites, historical sites or cityscapes, users can visit attractions, understand history, culture and local customs, and interact with virtual tour guides.

Digital marketing: Our virtual space can be used to promote your products online.

If you have any needs for 3D scenes, please feel free to propose, let us together promote the better development of this industry!

Users can start from scratch to create their own scenes. We have also created eight ready-to-use scenes using our editor. As users of our product, while creating scenes, we have been constantly fixing bugs found in the process, lol.

Our homepage address: https://timmerse.com

No registration required, click to experience 3D space immediately: Timmerse

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Thanks for sharing you work. Nice work. Does it support VR experiences?

Went to the virtual office. Jumped over the fence and ran until I reach the end of the world:

And then I broke free:

Are considering making a VR version, we want to hear what potential customers say before deciding our next move

Haha, you ran to a place we haven’t been to in a long time~

I have a little confusion, why isn’t my post showing up in the showcase list anymore?