3D models not placed properly

I have a threejs website project, that shows a bounding box, has an Choose File button to import 3d multiple models, but when i am importing multiple models, it shows one model overlaps the new imported models. 3d file format is .stl. How can i solve this issue ?

The javascript code file for this is given below and the problem screenshot is given

index.js (19.2 KB)

The 3D models does not have any position assigned in the code

could you create an example on sandbox and send the link?

If the two models have the same position, they will overlap! You can either hide/dispose of the first model, or move one or the two models in a way they don’t overlap.

The models does not have any position assigned to them. Only the function to process the file and display inside the bounding box is there. So what to do in that case ?

All objects within a scene have a position, unless explicitly set, the default is {x: 0, y: 0, z: 0}. If you don’t assign a unique position to each imported model they will overlap by default at the center of your scene.

In this example
from the collection, a model is placed and moved. Maybe this will help you.