Youtube video using CSS3DRenderer goes black intermittently when video goes offscreen


I am using the CSS3DRenderer to display a youtube video in an iframe on a plane. It works except there seems to be an intermittent bug. When the video goes offscreen due to camera rotation, there is a chance that the video will display as all black, though the controls are still visible. Here is a screenshot from my example of what this looks like:

I’ve reduced it down to a simple test case.

To reproduce:
1: Open threejs cssrenderer youtube demo (bug) - CodeSandbox
2. Play the video.
3. Move the mouse left and right to rotate the camera so the video repeatedly goes off and back on screen.
4. Eventually (it’s taken me up to a minute of trying sometimes) the video will appear black. Mousing over the plane will show the controls however. The audio will still be heard.
5. Move it off and on one more time and the video is back.

Perhaps this is a bug with youtube? Any idea how to fix this? Thanks for reading.