Yet another R3F portfolio site.

I just did a quick project using R3F to create a portfolio site. Suggestions are appreciated.
Link :

The mouse was lost after I clicked on one screen (parihar apps) and tried to return to the interface, any click on the screen would send me again to the external site, except when I used the keys to go sideways or back, then clicked somewhere else.

  1. With pointer lock the user should be able to click on the screen again and re-lock the pointer without processing that click. Or I’d only use the mouse for navigation - no keyboard and no pointer locking in order to make it very easy to navigate for everyone.
  2. I’d make the space more compact, short distances, fast assisted navigation, (few are patient online).
  3. Careful lighting setup and materials (baked lighting, or real time with no shadows) could set a cool atmosphere if done properly.
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