Wireframe2 Bounding Box Problem: How to get rid of that annoying error?

I tried so many things to get rid that Bounding Box Error when loading fbx splines. I can’t figure where can i compute that unnecesary? radius for the object bounding box.
This only happens with splines but not with other kind of geometry like obj or gltf.

Here's the error

Here is the link to fbx:

let matLine;

async function loadBorders() {

        /// LOAD SPLINES
        let spline;
        let splineGroup = new Group();
        let countryGrp = new Group();

        matLine = new LineMaterial({
            color: new Color(0xffec78),
            linewidth: 0, // in pixels
            dashed: false,
            opacity: 0
        matLine.needsUpdate = true;
        matLine.resolution.set(window.innerWidth, window.innerHeight); // resolution of the viewport

        const bordersData = await load('./assets/models/Borders.fbx');
        bordersData.children.forEach((item) => {
            if (item.isLine) {
                spline = setLine(item);
            } else if (item.isGroup) {
                item.children.forEach((line) => {
                    spline = setLine(line);
                    spline.position.set(item.position.x, item.position.y, item.position.z);
                    spline.rotation.set(item.rotation.x, item.rotation.y, item.rotation.z);
        splineGroup.position.set(splineGroup.position.x, splineGroup.position.y, splineGroup.position.z + -0.001);
        splineGroup.scale.set(.01, .01, .01);


function setLine(line, col) {
    let pos = line.position;
    let rot = line.rotation;
    const geoSpline = new WireframeGeometry2(line.geometry);
    const spline = new Wireframe(geoSpline, matLine);
    spline.position.set(pos.x, pos.y, pos.z);
    spline.rotation.set(rot.x, rot.y, rot.z);
    set.matLine.color = new Color("rgb(255, 255, 255)");
    return spline;


WireframeGeometry2 expects a mesh geometry. You pass in a line. Computing a wireframe for a line (or point cloud) does not make sense.

Mungen, first of all, I have to tell you that it is a pride that you answer me personally, I have been reading your excellent educational work here and on stack overflow for a long time. You are an important component of humanity.

Returning to the point of the question, then what would be the correct way to generate lines with variable thickness from splines in an fbx, since it is the only format that can save splines?
Would you have to perform a procedure prior to sending the splines to WireframeGeometry2?

My intention is simply to generate the political boundaries of the countries and I need to avoid the interior triangles of a Mesh Geometry.

Thanks for the time you take to reply.