Wireframe with alpha=0 material overlap the alpha material get inverted color wireframe render

I want to make a switch animation between wireframe rendering and alpha rendering.
So I use texture.offset.set() to move an alpha map to achieve animation.
the alpha texture is half black and half white, basically my ideas:
I have two same mesh called MeshA and MeshB, and one rendered with wireframe material, the other rendered with alpha material. And the wireframe material also have property: transparent:ture.
So I use the same alpha texture on both material but offset individually to make sure that any part on MeshA rendered with alpha =1, the same part of MeshB got an alpha =0 instead.
So when it rendered with wireframe, there is no alpha rendering, vice versa.

Here is the screenshot of materials:
alpha material:

wireframe material:

but when I found that on the part of meshes that wireframe material with a value of alpha equals 0, and
alpha material with value of alpha equals 0. It rendered with a alpha material with a inverted(visually but I can not confirm) color wireframe material. Why this happens and how to avoid this?