Why is UV map designed in blender not showing up correctly in .gltf/.glb model on my website?

I have a .gltf/.glb file/model that I have loaded on my personal website found here:


Why is the UV map not showing up correctly?

The “W” model was designed in blender and the texture map aka UV map looks perfect inside blender.

Seems like the model UVs are not exported properly. Tested it on glTF Viewer and it seems to not be working there either:

What export configuration are you using? Are the UVs working if you try to export the model as DAE? (You can test it here)

Could you share the .blend, rather than the .glb?

The model has two sets of UVs, and the wrong one is assigned to this material. I’m not sure why it looks right in Blender but exports wrong, but you may need to specify in the material:

That should get it to export correctly to glTF, but note that three.js has limitations requiring the 1st UV set to be used for base color textures (and several other texture types). Because of that, you may just want to delete the 1st UV set if you don’t need it.



Hello thanks for the help donmccurdy!

What is your email?

I can share/send the .blend to you?

Would you be able to screen share to show me how to fix this issue I am having?

Either way thanks

Model pictured here with and without the texture for side by side comparison:

I’m not too good with Blender

The easiest way to delete the UV map you don’t want would be to select the mesh in Blender, open the mesh tab, activate either UV set, and delete whichever UV set doesn’t work:

If that doesn’t work you can see my email listed on https://github.com/donmccurdy/.


Just hopping in to say thanks! That simple trick of deleting the other UV map made all the difference to me. I’m very glad this question was asked, answered and indexed by Google ;-). Just to help some algorithms, this fixed problems for me when using Naxela/The_Lightmapper in combination with ThreeJS.