Why does the gltf assets are not visible?

I updated the threejs.module release 149 with the threejs.module release 150 today but the new release made the gltf models invisible or not loaded, does anyone knows whats why this is happening?

I have updated the gltf-loader.js, fbx-loader.js but the problem is still unsolve, I think the bug could be in threejs.module.js

Does anyone has the same experience, if you have fixed this issue, please share how.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

Like mentioned in the other topic, you have to demonstrate the issue with a live example. Please also always share one concrete asset that can be used to reproduce the issue.

Let me track down where the issue is, because I can’t post the entire code.

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The problem was not in threejs, it was on my JavaScript coding’s, the JSON positions and quaternions are strings so I parseFloat() the string positions and quaternion before loading the GLTF assets.