While updating the controls target to the position in orbit control moving the object to the center

When I try to update the controls target to the object position to rotate object considering the object as the center, the lookAt of the camera is updating and bring the object to the center of the scene. But my requirement is that I have to update the target to different point and not to the scene center, but want to object to be placed at the it’s own point and want to move the object rotate around it.

Here’s the glitch https://glitch.com/edit/#!/field-longing-quiet?path=README.md%3A1%3A0

OrbitControls does not transform an object. It always transform the camera. Besides, the camera is always orbited around the target vector. It’s not possible to configure OrbitControls differently.

It seems to me you need a different sort of controls class for your use case. This topic was lately discussed at GitHub. Maybe something like ObjectControls will be developed in the future:

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