When the 3D model clicks on the point through threejs, the partial color changes

I have such a requirement: 1. When threejs loads the 3D model normally (model format is .json), there will be about 10 sprite coordinate points on the model set in the background. When you click the sprite coordinate point, an introduction message will pop up , This function has been realized at present.
2. What I want to achieve is that when I click on this point, the color of a certain range of this point will change, and it will flash twice. Let me upload a screenshot of the effect I want to better explain me. The function that I want to achieve now As shown in the figure:

Now I am not sure whether threejs can achieve such an effect, or if there are any relevant examples, thank you official

If you want to highlight specific parts of a model, you should make sure in a 3D modelling tool to manage all parts as separate 3D objects. In this way, it’s way easier to manipulate them in a 3D app. Assuming you are importing the model with an appropriate 3D format like glTF which retains the individual objects.