When only moving the plane of a (isometric, so rotated) ortho cam, will we get issues with near and far?

When leaving an orthographic (isometric, so rotated) camera at position origin (0, 0, 0) and only move its camera plane, the isometric camera is viewing from an angle and so when moving the plane far to the right or bottom the plane will get lower and lower, while when moving it to the left and/or top the plane will get higher and higher.

This doesn’t matter for the perspective as there is none, but will we ever get in trouble with near and far? Or show render issues because we move the plane?

I did some tests and don’t see it happening so far, but I’m not sure about large scenes and if I’m not missing something.

Anybody here who knows exactly how the plane gets calculated in threejs to give the answer to this?

Really? Nobody here that knows the answer to this?