What type of interpolation does the animation mixer use?

I have animated the position of a sphere.

I would like to overlay my scene with a complete line path of all the points that the sphere moves to during the animation.

I have drawn the line path using the CatmullRomCurve3 object but the sphere is not following the exact path of the line path I have drawn.

I would like the animation to follow the EXACT path of the line containing all the position points that I used when building the animation keyframes

Can you please demonstrate this with a live example? The default interpolation of keyframe tracks and thus VectorKeyframeTracks is linear.


What type of interpolation does this use?

I have drawn a line that is NOT smooth that the sphere in the photo follows during animation

If I draw a smoother line using CatmullRomCurve3 with more points then the sphere does not follow the “smoother” line path

Can I attach images and photos?

I just tried attaching a photo but I don’t see it

PS: Nice to meet you by the way

It’s cubic.

I’m not sure images or videos are much helpful. A live example is much better for debugging.