What the Linux version compatible with Three.js?

Hello every one, I am new to three.js. I try three.js on Linux . i follow build three.js on website Build-instructions

This Is the Ubuntu mate 18.04 report.

This’s the Linux mint 19 report.

I’d like get three.js library from my computer. I’d not get three.js library on this

Thank you for reply. :pray:

Sry, it’s not clear what you are asking for. Do you have a problem to build or run three.js on your computer? As long as node.js is correctly installed, the build process and local server should work without problems…

Thank you for answer. I have not a problem to run example of three.js. I just wanna build three.js on Linux for get a three.js file to split gltf animation like


or other.

I think you just have to copy the code from the PR below and then execute npm run build. You have to enhance AnimationClip, AnimationUtils and KeyframeTrack.

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I have done this github conversation(read). The gltf can not split animation. My computer web has reported the results.

So I downloaded the demo from this discourse. It can split the animation. my demo

The downloaded three.js file size is 4.1 megabytes,

but I only have 1.2 megabytes.

I’d like to know what version of Linux can be build correctly.
Sorry for slowly answer and thank you for quickly reply.

I think

He’s build three.js, so I wanted to build three.js also.

That optional dependency (google-closure-compiler) should not be required to build three.js… After installing it, do you get any errors running npm run dev? The default builds use Rollup instead.

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I try npm run dev

and see three.js in build folder but it has size 1.2MB

and test my demo on my computer. it can’t run.

no problem and thank you for inform.
I solve this issue by
-upload my 3d model more than 1 animation on sketchfab
-use another account download my 3d model in gltf

The output of npm run build can be larger than a production build, that’s normal. For production you would minify and gzip it.

On the second error about THREE.AnimationUtils.subclip — that function is not currently in three.js, it’s in a PR on GitHub. If you’re trying to build that PR you’ll have to share steps to reproduce the problem.

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I appreciate your help issue. @donmccurdy @Mugen87
Sorry I was like a development kid, but 33 years old. I have read Thai articles about PR on Github in Thai language.

I do…
**download all in ** PR on Github repo (I don’t know, download what code)
and npm install and build again

and go see folder build/
#three.js file has 4.2MB.

and npm run dev //test run

I copy three.js file to my demo and try to run.
#complete!! absolutely thank you very much.

I think this issue not complete at all yet. I think…
I prefer upload my 3d model on sketchfab because sketchfab export gltf better than Blender.
Blender has limited polygon and 1 animation exports
Especially female cartoon 3d. It has a lot polygon.

Blender does support multiple animation exports to glTF. You’ll need to make sure each action to export is (a) active, (b) pushed down as an NLA track, or © stashed. I’m not sure what you mean about limited polygons — the exporter is slow, or crashing? If so please file a bug. :slight_smile:

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Sorry i’m wrong, gtlf no animation, no limits polygon/Tris
I try .gib no animation / Tris about 74k

girl 3d .glb / Tris 9705 ~ animation fail

This’s .dae she’s right animation
Sorry let see my demo

Sorry, all developers and professional three.js.
Finally, i found Ubuntu desktop 16.04 compatible with three.js.
I try and test install Ubuntu on Oracle VM Virtualbox.

This has “npm warn” just “SKIPPING OPTIONAL DEPENDENCY: google-closure-compiler-osx”, but found 0 vulnerabilities