What is the targetFace and centroid property, in the event "mousedown"

In javascript, when i use a event handler such as “mousedown”, and then i console.log the event, i get a bunch of values which includes “targetFace” and centroid as one of it’s children

What are those parameters? does target face mean the face that we just clicked on and centroid is it’s center? But the values of centroid are very weird

Can someone explain me what those are or point me in the right direction

What version of three.js are you using? There’s no mention of centroid or targetFace in any of the current raycasting code.

 <script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/three.js/r128/three.js"></script>

That’s the cdn to the three.js

And i believe that the version is r128

Can you share your code for setting up the event listener too?

looeee, I accept my mistake, let’s say that i heavily messed up the versions. And yes you are correct there’s no mention of centroid and target face in the current versions

I apologize

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All good, it’s easily done :+1: