What is the best way to map obj file to areas?

I wonder what is the best approach to “pick” areas in an object and map it’s area’s identifications - so suppose i have a TEAPOT obj and i want to select the handle / body / top cover / nozzle …etc and get the part’s names - by clicking - what is the best approach ? is it something that needs to be defined in the 3d model - or in the textures …or you can map areas with three.js… any examples will be highly appreciated

You can - but it will take ages and can’t be generalized to work with any model.

Model is just a set of triangles without meaning - so also that teapot is still just a bunch of triangles.
To give specific parts meaning / names / context, it would be best if you divide the model in Blender and give each part an id / name there. You can then read the name values in three to understand which part is being clicked on.

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Thanks - do you have any example for loading multiple objects and keep their position? it would really help me :slight_smile:

If you export a split model as a single glb / gltf model, they will be exported in their correct positions - just as a submeshes.