What does the green blip indicate to the left of names in the editors outliner?

I need some help understanding what does a green blip represent in the outliner. I know purple represents meshes/geometry, red represents camera and yellow represents lights. I recently came across objects with green blips when importing a scene and am trying to figure out what they represent.

Any help would be appreciated.


The blue dot means the 3D object type of Box is Mesh. The green dot means it is a 3D object that holds a geometry. The rose dot represents a material.


so i am trying to traverse a scene and can check if its a mesh using Mesh instanceof THREE.Mesh. How would i go about getting these 3d objects(are they buffer geometries?). My imported mesh has a case where these 3d objects exist by themselves.

Thank you for your reply. it really cleared things for me.

I was missing object.type which answers my question.