Weird flat round shape rendered


When I use certain geometries in cobination with for example LineMaterial, I get a very weired round-shaped object (see picture). Any idea why this is? It seems to be the underlying problem for multiple problems I have…

My code:

    var object = new Group(); = 'gcode';
    var geo = new IcosahedronGeometry(20, 1);

    var wireframe = new WireframeGeometry2(geo);

    var matLine = new LineMaterial({

        color: 0x66fb6a,
        linewidth: 1, // in pixels
        vertexColors: false,
        //resolution:  // to be set by renderer, eventually
        dashed: false

    const line = new Wireframe(wireframe, matLine);

    return object;

Any ideas?

You need to set the render resolution for the line material as is done in the example:

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That worked! Thanks