WebXR Hit-testing: GLTF model to appear perpendicular to the surface

I want to display a painting(my gltf model) on the wall at the reticle’s position, using WebXR(hit-testing).
Expected: The painting is supposed to appear parallel to the reticle position(and orientation) i.e., horizontal when appearing on the ground and vertical when on the wall.
Observed: My painting doesn’t change the orientation when the reticle changes according to the surface angle.
Any lead on this?

Thanks in advance.

It will require some code to rotate the model to match the surface normal. If you’re raycasting against the surface, then the raycaster returns the face index and you can get a face normal from that. Depending on which way is “forward” for your model, you’d rotate the model to match that. Or if the reticle is already rotated to match the face normal then you could read the normal direction that way.