Webcam texture is washed out

Currently I’m using this three.js example as inspiration for adding a webcam into a 3D environment. I noticed this method renders the video image (or any other source through this method) as much “brighter” and washed out than the actual video source.

However, this method works great and doesn’t wash out the image at all. I’ve tried adapting the second method, but keep getting the same results.
Can someone help me identify the difference?

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Does the issue go away if you add this line:

texture.colorSpace = THREE.SRGBColorSpace;

100% looks great now.
Thank you!

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Where do you add this line of code?

I’ve tried adding it to my

but I don’t see a change in my video looking pale or blown out.

Could you show me where to add the fix please

Do it like in the webcam example:

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