Web Game: Escape The Lightrooms!!

Hello! I would like to introduce you to Escape The Lightrooms, an “Escape Room” genre game where you have to solve a series of puzzles in order to win.

We have used libraries such as ThreeJS, Tween, CSG and PointerLockControls, in order to create such a delightful experience, filled with sounds, music, animations and much more.

You can play this game for free here: Itch.io.

Finally, the game is open source (and based). Feel free to take a look :slight_smile:. Github.

Thank you <3 (uwu).




Hey, here’s some feedback:

  • After the pointer lock is disabled, I can’t lock it again to play the game. The instruction to “click 2 times on the screen with your cursor” isn’t helping me. Maybe you could allow the camera to move when the pointer is held down?
  • When I press buttons on the safe deposit, I can’t see the numbers I’ve already entered, but there’s a screen for it at the top.
  • Personally, I feel that fov is too low, and the mouse sensitivity is too high.
  • There is no antialiasing; maybe you could enable it?

And I didn’t understand what I need to do in the first room

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Thank you very much for your feedback :). Let me answer you:

  • You can unlock / lock the pointer using the key Left Control. The instruction to click 2 times on the screen is in case you experience any sort of bug. Furthermore, after those 2 clicks, you will need to press Left Control.
    Sadly, we cant do much about that, as it is a security feature in order to prevent web pages permanently locking your cursor.

  • The “safe deposit” is intended to not show the numbers you have already entered. We might introduce that in the next quality-update. Also, we will add options to change the fov and the mouse sensitivity.

  • We havent considered enabling antialiasing but I will take a look.

  • In the first room, you need to find an item and use it in the white box. Take a look inside any storage containers such as the drawers. That item is a screwdriver, and you can use it in the screws on the right panel.

Thank you very much for giving us some feedback, we really appreciate it! At first, this game was an university project that we decided to finish and publish. Thats the main reason behind some “basic” features missing.
However, we will consider any quality improvements as well as including more content. :slight_smile:

Hey Manel, Nice project!

I feel like I maybe cheated on some of the rooms as I could run through the walls, i think it bugged as when i restarted I had collision again. I liked the shape puzzle. Never really figured out what the robot was supposed to do, just did a funny dance. Unfortunately having ctrl for pointerlock made me accidentally close the tab when pressing ctrl+w. This happened twice and I gave up trying to play haha, maybe consider changing the button or looking into disabling this behavior with prevent default (if possible, I’m sure someone will correct me if not :wink: )

In general though it was fun! First puzzles seem straightforward enough and there was clear indication on where to go next. Nice job

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Thank you very much!! We will consider changing the pointerlock key as that was really unexpected :joy:.

If the collisions were disabled, maybe you accidentaly pressed “X”, which toggles the collisions. Also, the “physics” are a bit buggy and when the game lags (due to texture loading, etc) you might teleport outside. Thats why we included the key “Z” (or in the controls menu (top right) you can press “Reset Position”), which will take you back inside the first room.

Regarding the robot dance :robot:, it tries to tell you that it needs a battery (which if you take a look inside the central rings, you can see it)..

Anyway, thank you very much for playing our game!! I will make some improvements in the near future :grin:

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