Want simple template using up-to-date 3JS, Node.js and Vite (only)

Resuming 3JS activity, I would like a simple template or example with the current 3JS distribution and development tools Node.js and Vite. My goal is to have a basic app which I can expand as I learn more and won’t require major changes later. I not worried about the normal library updates, just a massive start-over because of a poor initial choice.
I would have used the setup found in the tutorial threejs-journey.com (which I really like) but I decided to browse for other possibilities.
One is this: GitHub - Mugen87/three-jsm: Minimal three.js project setup using ES6 modules and rollup.. Unfamiliar file structure (my problem) but not using Vite.
Another is this: GitHub - Sean-Bradley/Threejs-Boilerplate: A Threejs Boilerplate to aid in quick prototyping. I don’t know what to strip out for my simple purpose. But, wow, nice options for study!

I guess my main concern is adapting a base app using a node_modules folder that I don’t understand but will soon regret using.

Thanks for the “hand holding” and hints.

There is not much to understand in a node_modules folder, it just contains the dependencies you included in your package.json file (and their dependencies, and the dependencies of their dependencies, etc.).

ThreeJS can be used for many things, a one-size-fits-all starter may be hard to find, it could help if you would precise what you expect to build with it. If its just for learning purpose, you might as well build your own boilerplate.

Mugen87’s starter uses Rollup, which is what Vite uses for production build, so you’re not so far from it in the end. You could also fork his repository to make your Vite version.

To raaaahman: thanks for the reply. I am probably overthinking the problem. The Nodejs and Vite references and usage can probably be modified without a big effort if I find my initial trials a bit off.
My expected builds are small scale projects.

With a little searching the internet I found this very helpful tutorial:

The fourth article in the series

answered my original question but the whole series was beneficial.

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Yes, MDN has a lot of tutorials on various topics about web development. Sadly, they’re not often the easiest to find so you have to know that they exists.

It even has game development and Three.js tutorials