VSCode and intellisense



Hi Team!

I am just starting out and use vsCode as my editor. I am a seasoned C# programmer however first time using three.js.

I would like to know how I can get intellisense working correctly for my project. I am not using node.js or anything fancy - just a simple site with an index.html loading in the js scripts via the tags.

I’d love to poke around in the objects more via intellisense so I can experiement!



Do you mean intellisense for three.js specifically? This was previously asked here:


That’s great! It got me most of the way there :slight_smile:
I still have problems with using global variables not using intellisense, even though it can see it is of a type.

Global Type

No Intellisense

Local Variable

Even the help with using typings is enough to poke around, but would love the full experience I’m probably spoiled with :rofl:

Thanks for the link!


Excuse me, my native language is Spanish, I would really appreciate it if you make a video showing the procedure so that intellicence works in VScode with Three.Js