Vertical flag animation and mix textures

Hey, guys!

I have this question: I need to make an animation of a vertical flag and put some textures + text to be changed there.

That’s like the example flag I threw down with the picture:

  1. separate background for the flag.
  2. Add a texture on top of the color.
  3. Add a country flag.
  4. Place more texture(logo) at the bottom
  5. Add text.

This should all be done in one mashup and animated.

Can someone tell me in which direction I need to “dig” and search?

To achieve this, I would import a 3d model with each region as separate materials… one for the flag, one for the background.
For the flag, you would then swap out to the appropriate flag texture… and for the background… you could swap the with a THREE.CanvasTexture, and in the canvas texture, you would use the canvas api to drawImg your background texture, and .fillText to write your custom text.
Or… if its easier to pregenerate the background textures for each region, just as the flag texture, then you would simply swap out the as you do with the flag.