Using ArcballControls with older three.js 0.125.2

I would like to use the ArcballControls but they are not available in three.js 0.125.2, which I am stuck with.
I was wondering if it is practical and possible to use the latest ArcballControls.js with three.js 0.125.2.

This is general no good idea since the module might depend on core logic which is only available with the same release. So the version of example files and the build files should always match.

However, nothing prevents you from using ArcballControls with a lower three.js release. Just keep in mind that you have to take care of compatibility issues by yourself.

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I followed your advise and I managed to use ArcballControls with my old three.js.
In fact, the only change I did, was to convert ArcballControls.js from ES6 to ES5 using Babel.

Your valuable help with answering this (and other three.js users) question(s) saved me lots of time.
Thank you very much!