Using a File Loader from URL results in invalid typed array length

I am attempting to load an STL file from a server.

On the server, it is a simple Flask server that returns whichever file is requested:

def getFile():
    fileName = request.args.get('fileName')
    return send_file("./"+fileName)

Then on the front end, I have the following:

      let targetLoader = new STLLoader()
      targetLoader.load("http://localhost:5000/getFile?fileName="+fileData, function (g) {
         // Do what you want with g
      }, function (xhr) {
         console.log((xhr.loaded / * 100) + '% loaded');
      }, function (error) {

And the server is structured in the following manner:


However, even though the STL file is valid, it creates the error:


The file itself is 33 MB: 0_conversion_from_.stl - Google Drive

I do notice that, regardless of the file size on the server, the outputted file array length within the loader is always 6.9 billion

What appears if you console log the loaded STL in the same place where you call STLLoader.parse now?