Use of "external" LUTs possible?


there are providers of LUTs like Eldamar Studio.
Is it possible to use such LUTs ?
i.e 100 Christmas LUTs Pack | Eldamar Studio - Lightroom Presets and Overlays for professionals

Thanks in advance.

3d LUTs can come in quite a few formats and I can’t see on that page what format those LUTs are in. However, .3dl and .cube are two common formats that can be loaded by three.js - see this example:

@varuesc Postprocessing library also has support for these formats and also demos how to load LUTs stored in .png format:

So I’d check with the site about what format they supply the look up tables in - and also give them an earful for not clearly displaying the format on the page - before purchasing. If it’s .3dl, .cube, or .png then it’s probably fine to use in three.js.