Use gltfLoader To load a model with texture,but always display white

I use gltfLoader to load a b3dm file, and it can display the geometry, but don’t have texture.
in fact it load many image . like this %E9%80%89%E5%8C%BA_830
here is parameters of the material.

alphaMap: null
alphaTest: 0
aoMap: null
aoMapIntensity: 1
blendDst: 205
blendDstAlpha: null
blendEquation: 100
blendEquationAlpha: null
blendSrc: 204
blendSrcAlpha: null
blending: 1
bumpMap: null
bumpScale: 1
clipIntersection: false
clipShadows: false
clippingPlanes: null
color: G {r: 1, g: 1, b: 1}
colorWrite: true
defines: {STANDARD: “”}
depthFunc: 3
depthTest: true
depthWrite: true
displacementBias: 0
displacementMap: null
displacementScale: 1
dithering: false
emissive: G {r: 0, g: 0, b: 0}
emissiveIntensity: 1
emissiveMap: null
envMap: null
envMapIntensity: 1
flatShading: false
fog: true
lightMap: null
lightMapIntensity: 1
lights: true
map: T {uuid: “933A6A11-5ECA-4C5C-823D-BCAC7C5C7BCE”, name: “”, image: img, mipmaps: Array(0), mapping: 300, …}
metalness: 0
metalnessMap: null
morphNormals: false
morphTargets: false
name: “”
needsUpdate: false
normalMap: null
normalMapType: 0
normalScale: z {x: 1, y: -1}
opacity: undefined
overdraw: 0
polygonOffset: false
polygonOffsetFactor: 0
polygonOffsetUnits: 0
precision: null
premultipliedAlpha: false
program: xg {getUniforms: ƒ, getAttributes: ƒ, destroy: ƒ, name: “MeshStandardMaterial”, id: 3, …}
refractionRatio: 0.98
roughness: 0.5
roughnessMap: null
shadowSide: null
side: 0
skinning: false
transparent: false
type: “MeshStandardMaterial”
userData: {}
uuid: “FD4EF925-326B-4C44-B576-8C7AAAA8536B”
vertexColors: 0
visible: true
wireframe: false
wireframeLinecap: “round”
wireframeLinejoin: “round”
wireframeLinewidth: 1

this is the display result. %E9%80%89%E5%8C%BA_829