Update object position


how can i get the new object position on the screen,
i have a box that i set the position x y z to 0 and i can move it around the screen with arrow key
i will like to get the box new position on the screen, but when i use console.out its stay on 0 on x ,y ,z positions

thanks for the help

How do you console.log the position property? It doesn’t change in realtime, if you only output it on the console once you need to collapse and expand the line to get updated values. Also is there only the box or is it a child of another object? The position property only gives local coordinates.

The easiest, simplest and best way is to provide an editable live code example, that shows the problem.

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only the box, i try to expand, its stay 0
so how can i compare 2 box for there position ?

expand? compare 2 box?

It would be good if you could provide a fiddle or pen to demonstrate your issue as @prisoner849 suggested .