Two mesh are too close to cause surface blinking

sorry for my poor English:joy:
I have a model that seems some mesh is too close that cause surface blinking.
181380e2-74f7-4521-bf43-9e25a9cdadf7.fbx (1.1 MB)


but i manual set origin position image to image and then set it back it look fine

What you see is z-fighting. There are different approaches to solve this problem. E.g. you can adjust camera properties like the near value or use material properties like depthWrite or polygonOffset.

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@Mugen87 thanks for the reply.
I tried these two methods, did not solve z-fighting for me

Uploading the model to sketchfab also produces the visual error:


It seems to me that the modeling of the commode is somewhat unfortunate. You normally avoid overlapping faces since it’s error prone.

oh,yes,it seems like that the model has problem itself,I had edited this model,it works fine now,thanks