Trying to make my TextPlane start from the left side instead of center?

Hey guys,

I am currently creating text using this helpful TextPlane class:

Which basically creates a mesh that the text lives on. The issue I am having is I am looking to have the text originate from the left side, instead of the center so I can align multiple text planes allowing me to use different formatting. So for example, a paragraph with a larger, bold title then a body of text beneath it with a smaller, non-bold font. Since this doesn’t support markdown I can’t just pass in tags, so I opted to just stick two planes in for a paragraph, one for title and one for body.

The issue I am having is, even though both text planes are set to left align, because they are different lengths and because the pivot from their centers, making the title and body align on the X axis isn’t really possible.

So I have been attempting to update the origin / pivot of the text plane but no luck so far. It seems to accept geometry translations and applying matrices, but I can’t seem to figure out the right approach.

So basically what I am trying to achieve is something like this:

body text body text body text
body text body text body text
body text body text.

(all aligned on the X - it works perfectly for multi-line textplanes no problem, I just can’t use markdown)

Thanks guys!