Transparency in nodejs version of three js (headless server)

I am starting my Three.js script on Node.js headless server. And I want to make transparent backgroud. So I type smth like that:

scene.getObjectByName("Circle").material.transparent = true;
scene.getObjectByName("Circle").material.alphaTest = 0.5;
  const texture = new THREE.Texture(image);
  texture.minFilter = THREE.LinearFilter;
  texture.needsUpdate = true;
  texture.flipY = false; 
  scene.getObjectByName("Circle") = texture;

And I expect smth like on pic. 1 (it’s screenshot from common js version of my script, not node js version) — transparent picture on black scene background. But instead I have the one from second screenshot (pic. 2). I mean transparancy doesn’t work in node js version of threejs. Or it does? — pic. 1 — pic. 2

And this is my server script — server.rar - Google Drive — you should run scripts/app2.js there.

And my client script — client.rar - Google Drive — it’s php file that sends an image to server and returns render of scene with this image used as texture…

Can you please share your server.rar without the node_modules directory?

This directory should never be shared nor under version control. The dependencies are added automatically when the project is installed via npm. This will also decrease the download size from 140 MB to ~ 4 MB.

Yes, shure. The link will be the same: server.rar - Google Drive