Translate the pivot

I use the axis helper but I need to have the object not tì in the middle of the space so I moved it having both sides on X and Z sides as in the picture

Now I would like to drag the camera around the new object center and not around the axis center.

I think the best solution is using translateOnAxis

Which requires the normal and distance parameters… hmm I would like just to move the plane a on X and b on Z

 if ( && planeSetting.helper) {
    var helpers = new THREE.Group();
    helpers.add(new THREE.PlaneHelper(clipPlanes[0], 3, 0xff0000));
    helpers.visible = true;
    helpers.translateOnAxis(new THREE.Vector3(??, ??, ??),??)

How I could move the pivot to X=a, Y=0 and Z=b?

note More info about my plane are in another post

Using Object3D.translateOnAxis() will not change the pivot point of an object. You have to translate the geometry instead via BufferGeometry.translate().

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