TransformControls supports input value, not only mouse

Is there any way that TransformControls support change transfer/rotation/scale values in the LOCAL SPACE from text input, not only controlled by mouse.


  1. display the local space’s values
  2. change the local space’s values via text input

I checked out the editor example, and the position/rotation properties’ values are in the world space, not local space. And I didn’t find the related source code to convert position/rotation values between the world space and the local space.

Yes I’m sure you can use controls.object.position

It’s the world space value, not the local space

you can use worldToLocal() to convert the vector3 to local space coordinates, are you adding the controls to a nested object with a parent other than the scene?

It’s the local position in a parent Object3D, not the concept LOCAL SPACE in TransformControls.

Here is an example, to move the box along Y axis, the green one. The figure1 uses the local space, and the figure2 uses the world space in TransformControls. The difference between them, in the world space the Y axis is always perpendicular to the ground, and in the local space the Y axis is always perpendicular to the box’s top face.


oh ok you mean the actual transform control .space property, you should be able to just set to “local” or “world”

Yes, I did it. It’s works by mouse control, and I want to move the box along axis in the local space via input value to control it, but I can’t find out the way, and didn’t find an example.