Touch Screen Sensitivity

I added a new feature to my application where you can touch and hold ( or a desktop right-click ) on an scene object and it fires a specific event. On a desktop with a mouse, this of course works as expected but on mobile device not at all. If the scene is being panned, then it should cancel out a touch and hold event using code similar to what is shown below:

UniversalOrbitControls.addEventListener("change", function () {
     // assume the user is panning and not just holding a finger down...

However, it appears that the touch is very sensitive and unless your are a stone statue, the scene detects it as a constant “change” because of the very subtle but still detectable finger movement/pulses.

Is there a setting in Three.js / Orbit Controls that you can define/set a value/threshold in which the scene should distinguish between a touch and hold event versus touch and pan event? Basically, once the finger has moved so far away from the initial point of contact, it should considered it to be a touch and pan and not a touch and hold action?


No, there is no configuration option for something like that.