Tiles in threejs

Hey guys,

i’m looking for a way to replicate something like mapbox or maptiler, to get more sharp image on every zoom level. How can i implement this with threejs, where to start?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I don’t think there’s any ready made solution for this in three.js. There’s the three.js LOD object that can be used to display different meshes depending on the camera distance. It’s no way as sophisticated as a 3D tiles streaming solution though.

It looks like Maptiler is open source, so you can investigate their code, see what parts you want to replicate in three.js and then come up with a plan for how to do it.

Alternatively, if you want something out of the box, Cesium.js has 3D tiles which might be what you are looking for.

Thanks for your reply. And any thouhts about using 3D tiles? Cesium is great but i need own implementation of smth similar to it.

See this previous thread:

“but i need own implementation”

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I believe loadersgl (mentioned in that thread) did end up adding 3D Tiles support. I wouldn’t be totally surprised if Cesium used that too, e.g. some collaboration is mentioned here: https://eng.uber.com/3d-tiles-loadersgl/. I don’t know much about how to create 3D tiles though, and loading the data into your threejs scene would take a bit of work.

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I suspect that’s quite an understatement :sweat_smile:

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Hello guys,
did anyone found the solution for Batched 3D Model (b3dm) support?

I’v spended planty of time in attempts to find the solutions in Cesium/iTown/Chinese website but unfortunately have no success up to date.

Looks like some other people have tried this: https://github.com/NASA-AMMOS/3DTilesRendererJS … but b3dm support is not part of three.js itself, you will have to use external code or write your own.


Yes yes yes! I’v just found this brilliant 5 minutes ago!
It’s such a big pleasure to find out that there are my soulmates that have just the same attitude in development!
Thank you mr. Donmccurdy for your reply!

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3d tiles are great and there are a few viewers out there but generating optimized 3dtiles is the hard part.

I have a library to convert an unlimited amount of mesh to 3Dtiles, there are a couple of examples here: GitHub - ebeaufay/ThreedTilesViewer.github.io: demonstrator for Threejs 3DTiles viewer
With a demo : GitHub - ebeaufay/3DTilesViewer: 3DTiles viewer for three.js

Don’t hesitate to contact me about it

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