[threejs-journey] Webpack errors

Hi everyone!

I’m following the https://threejs-journey.xyz/ tutorials and I’m at lesson #4 where we are learning to use Webpack. After installing node.js and npm, when trying to run the command “npm run dev” I get these errors.
Any idea how to fix it?

it complains about the “after” option in webpack.dev.js, just delete it - it merely prints out some status. the problem with webpack is that it is very complex and changes often, maybe some part wasn’t pinned in package.json and now versions don’t match. but now it should run at least.

keep in mind most people do not use webpack raw, it is usually hidden behind friendly CLI’s as a backend tool, so it’s driving lots of tools in front end, but you rarely or never get to see it. and then there are much simpler options that don’t need config files, for instance vite, parcel, snowpack and so on. they all do the same thing and they all would be able to run your code. if you’re going forward with this i’d suggest looking into these bc the last thing you want is some tool blocking you, good luck! :crossed_fingers:


Thank you!!