THREE.Reflector as a material for an instancedMesh?

I would like to use Reflector as a material for my “Dark” theme. Whereas shadows are sometimes necessary, for realism in models with certain lighting, reflections are also needed, in darker scenes, where more reflective materials are used. I looked into cube cameras, tried a few different things out, also tried a reflectionCube approach - where the scene around me is projected onto a geometry, but, neither were sufficient. In my case, I need the center object of my scene ( a ball ) to reflect the instances that are floating around it. THREE.Reflector solves this need perfectly but I cant make it work on a spherical object and I cant get it to work on an instanced object. After looking at the code for the Reflector I can see that its very different from other materials, but, its possible to control the distance, and angle, that it reflects and this of huge importance. In a spherical implementation would add enormous value to a scene.

THREE.Reflector on a Sphere? Even a non-instanced sphere if it still reflects other objects in the scene.

Sorry but THREE.Reflector does only work on flat surfaces. Besides, it’s a 3D object so it is not possible to use it as a material for InstancedMesh.

Hmmm, yes, after digging in a little more I see that not only would it be difficult in its current implementation but perhaps I’m also not giving the CubeCamera enough thought. I think it might very well fit my use-case. Thanks for the quick reply @Mugen87! I’ll use the cubeCamera to do what I need.