Three Points Interaction

Hi, I’m quite new in Three.js and I’m having some troubles.
I uploaded a experiment that I’m working on here:
The first thing that I cannot figure out is how to get the intersect object and its position. Now, the intersects[i].object.position variable is always returning {x:0, y:0, z:0}. What I would like is to move the points based on the mouse position. Also, how could I increase the area of intersection? I’d like to get not only the point positioned exactly in the mouse position, but also some points around that. Now I’m getting the intersect object’s index and multiplicate by 3, so I get its position on the array of 3 coordinates.
The last thing would be the animation, is it possible to add some ease? Using TweenMax or something like this?

That’s because intersects[i].object is always the instance of THREE.Points.

You can use raycaster.params.Points.threshold for this (see docs). The units of threshold are in world units.

Yes. You need to animate the specific position data of the respective points in your position attribute.

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