Three.js - Strange lines on custom mesh

Hello there,
I’m trying to make a custom mesh in order to have a lot of customizable planes in the scene.

Here is some code:

geometry = new THREE.BufferGeometry();

geometry.addAttribute( 'position',  new THREE.BufferAttribute( vertexPositions, 3 ).setDynamic( true ) );
geometry.addAttribute( 'color',     new THREE.BufferAttribute( colors, 3 ).setDynamic( true ) );
geometry.addAttribute( 'opacity',   new THREE.BufferAttribute( opacity, 1 ).setDynamic( true ) );

// Initialize material
var material = new THREE.ShaderMaterial( { vertexColors: THREE.VertexColors, transparent: true, vertexShader: vertexShader, fragmentShader: fragmentShader } );

// Create something like a Wireframe of the planes
var Pgeometry = new THREE.BufferGeometry();
Pgeometry.addAttribute( 'position', new THREE.BufferAttribute( new Float32Array( ApointsPositions ), 3 ).setDynamic( true ) );
var points = new THREE.LineSegments( Pgeometry, new THREE.PointsMaterial( { color: 0x353535 } ) );
scene.add( points );

// Create planes and add to scene
planeMeshes = new THREE.Mesh( geometry, material );
planeMeshes.setDrawMode( THREE.TriangleStripDrawMode );
scene.add( planeMeshes );

My custom material is working fine and let me to use opacity on every vertex. Every plane is created and everything works fine.

The problem is that, when I render the scene, there are some strange lines on every planes row, here’s a full working Codepen: Codepen Link

Do you see those diagonal lines there? Are you able to tell me what’s happening? I didn’t find their origin.

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: Nice reply on StackOverflow:
I partially solved the problem and updated the Codepen.

To me it looks like the diagonal line is where the triangle strip wraps onto the next line. For example, one of the diagonal lines in the following image:

In your example, the line fades out from opacity of 1 to 0. Maybe you can fix it by setting the first points opacity to 0 as well?

I’m not sure of how to implement a proper solution to have multiple separate strips other than use several meshes with separate geometries rather than merging them all as one. This article may help though .


Is it forbidden?! I thought these are 2 totally different places. I’m sorry, I can delete this one

It’s not forbidden. Posting the link to stackoverflow makes it easier to follow the whole discussion.

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