Three.js snow spinning

I have created a 3D crystal ball, with a santa claus, a snowman, a cabin, and a tree, and some snows.
Now I want to make the snow spin around the axis of the globe, like storms. I have tried the render function and rotation.y, but it doesn’t work. Does anyone know how to animate the snows?
The materials were made by Cinema 4D, so if you know how to make dynamic objects by Cinema 4D, it is OK as well

Here’s the code and materials:

Thanks a lot

Maybe these examples are interesting for you:

This one is an official example. Group of snowflakes are implemented as a Points object. three.js webgl - particles - sprites

I’ve recently seen this demo that uses a simple particle system for snowflakes. Each snowflake is a single sprite object.:

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I simply created a snow shower.

Note: Translate some variable names and comments e. g. with from German.