Three.js freelancer for mobile web game

Looking for an experienced developer to build a mobile web game.

Game summary simplified:
A pointer oscillates back and forth along a slider.
3 opportunities to fill a glass with beer.
User presses stop to halt pointer.
If they land on green they move onto the next round, if red the game is over.
After the bare functionality for the game is in place, then we want to focus on things like sounds, beautification, UX, etc.
We will have assets ready to use. Reach out if you’d like to collaborate on the project or learn more about the goals and what we want to accomplish. We will obviously pay for the work that is done and that can be discussed too.

Hi, I am interested in your game project and I can do it.

This is my portfolio website.

If you take a look at my work and feel that I could work with you, please DM.


Love your portfolio site. Seems like you have a plethora of skills that could help us out with other projects too. We would love to talk, I’ll send you my email and contact via your portfolio site.

Thank you.
I will wait for you.

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