Three js ar hit test example - move object inside AR enviroment

Hi, how i can move and rotate a 3d object located and archor inside the hit test example? I Need to change rotation and Z position in order to fit Better the enviroment
I can’t find a way to change position and rotation of an 3d object inside the AR hit test example.
what i need is:

  1. anchor a 3d object (easy)
  2. rotate it left or right ( i’m not able to do)
  3. move a little bit in z down (i’m not able to do)


Sorry, but your post is still low effort. “rotate it left or right” and “move a little bit in z down” are very basic operations. It can be achieved by modulating Object3.rotation and Object3D.position.

If you are struggling with such basic operations, I suggest you are reading a few three.js beginner guides.

If you can’t achieve your intended result by changing Object3.rotation and Object3D.position, please describe in more detail (e.g. with a live example) what you are trying to achieve.

yes @Mugen87 it is easy to rotate or change position in threejs scene. But i would like to do it in the hit test example. using the example it is only possible to set a position for the object… after that i need to rotate it so my question is how i can do it?
the scope of my question is to undestand how it is possible to add all the features displayed in the video at minute 2


Can you please share your code that shows what you have tried so far?

i don’t write any code, i have to create a new project (for my personal interests) starting from the hittest example and i asked to the community if there is api, other examples etc for starting.

so @Mugen87 did you plan to add the features displayed at minute 2 of the posted video in the ThreeJS Augmented Reality components? if yes i can wait the new release… if no i will try to develop it