THREE.FaceNormalsHelper() deprecated symbol error

THREE.FaceNormalsHelper deprecated, consult docs for better alternative.

But there is no sign of deprecation on the doc page at:

What is the alternative class to use to show face normals in r105?

Thank you.

THREE.FaceNormalsHelper is considered as deprecated since THREE.Geometry is a legacy geometry format.

The concept of face normals does not exists for THREE.BufferGeometry since geometry data are strictly defined on vertex level. Hence, you should work with THREE.VertexNormalsHelper.


I made the change to use a PlaneBufferGeometry combined with THREE.VertexNormalsHelper.

With FaceNormalsHelper turned on (before), FPS was dropping below 60.
With VertexNormalsHelper (now) it stays at 60 FPS.

Is it *BufferGeometries that are more efficient or is it just VertexNormalsHelper that are more efficient than FaceNormalsHelper?

Without seeing your code, it’s hard to explain the reason for the performance improvement. However, Geometry is internally converted to BufferGeometry by WebGLRenderer. By not using it, you don’t have this conversion overhead in your application.

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OK I see, thank you.